Why the time was right for Cochlear’s brand transformation

Why the time was right for Cochlear’s brand transformation
Why the time was right for Cochlear’s brand transformation

Now an instantly recognisable name, Cochlear has led the field for implantable hearing devices thanks to professor Graeme Clark’s invention of the multi-channel Cochlear implant.

Originally assisting children with hearing loss, the business has grown and today also supports adults and an ageing population with hearing conditions. As the brand now reaches customers through digital channels across different regions and markets, Cochlear wanted to evolve the brand identity in line with these changing dynamics. And with new products coming onto the market and the finishing touches put on its new five-year business strategy, Cochlear wanted to strengthen and harmonise its branding.

The brand strategy needed clarity and consistency, while a new supporting brand architecture would streamline processes and enable the systems to scale across its suite of product offerings globally. It required investing in its masterbrand and creating a compelling brand story.

In the more than 30 years since its inception, the category has swelled with competitors. As a result, Cochlear also wanted to elevate its compelling brand story as a unique differentiator. To achieve this, it wanted to align around its founder story as the original innovator of hearing technology.

Cochlear started life as an engineering company and has always been focused on the technology, explained director of corporate communications, awareness and brand, Kirsten Impey. Yet it was time to adapt to being more customer centric and build its story around the emotional connection with the brand, not simply just features and tools. The company additionally recognised the importance of moving away from product focus to showcasing the life-changing customer experience in its brand messaging.

Being in the business of hearing implants, Cochlear naturally has a unique relationship with its customers, a bond that can start in childhood and last a lifetime. It was clear this was a differentiator in any brand narrative going forward.

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