Top 10 Web3 Brands Taking The World Towards More Digital Engagement

Top 10 Web3 Brands Taking The World Towards More Digital Engagement
by Veda September 25, 2022


In these top tools list, we have compiled the top 10 Web3 brands in Digital Marketing engagement

A Web3 marketing company’s primary objective is to help Web3 businesses become leaders in the crypto and blockchain industries. In a growing push into Web3, companies are leaning toward what a decentralized web can do for its digital consumers. These brands are taking actionable steps into the next era of digital engagement.  Moreover, integration of web 3 with smart IoT devices can help in improving the performance of the devices and providing better functionality. In this top tools list, we have compiled the top 10 Web3 brands in digital marketing engagement.

Interexy: Interexy, primarily a mobile app development business, puts immense focus on Web 3 technology. Using this platform it is easy to obtain comprehensive information about both specialist blockchain services and cutting-edge consulting approaches.

Starbucks: Starbucks announced plans to unveil its Web3-based rewards program in September. Collectible coffee-themed NFTs will serve as tokens for owners to gain access to additional drops, membership, and events.

Guerrillabuzz: Guerrillabuzz provides services across several sectors, including social media promotions, Web 3 PR, NFT marketing, and blockchain marketing. They give you a full-service project advisory consultation, a website redesign, and an explainer video for your Blockchain product.

YSL: YSL Beauté launched a token-gated page for its debut on Web3. Its first drop took place in June, during which its Instagram and Twitter followers and Vivatech visitors were able to claim their first YSL NFT. To encourage wider community engagement, those NFTs will unlock additional launches, drops, and more throughout the year.

Braintrust: Braintrust is the first decentralized Web3 talent network that connects skilled, vetted knowledge workers with the world’s leading companies. Braintrust has over 700,000+ community members, with knowledge workers and project contributors across the world.

Niche: Niche, a new form of social media for Web3, is currently in beta mode. The platform democratizes data on social media. This new platform opens up a lot of opportunities that don’t exist with traditional, non-decentralized social media because the nature of decentralization makes it really easy to buy, sell, and trade content.

Flux: Flux is a cloud architecture that is scalable and decentralized. Web 3.0 applications may be launched over several servers at competitive speeds because Flux allows developers to establish, manage, and host servers on their behalf.

Prada: Prada expanded its Web3 offering in June with an NFT drop linking to the luxury brand’s limited edition Timecapsule collection. The Prada Crypted community on Discord also launched as part of the drop, expanding the brand’s digital reach and community.

Hype Partners: Hype Partners provide top-notch services for all Web3 game systems, ecosystems, and metaverse initiatives. Hype handles almost all of the innovative and unique Web 3.0 projects currently in use and caters to customers from all over the world.

McDonald’s: McDonald’s filed trademarks to deliver food digitally and in person from a virtual restaurant. Both McDonald’s and McCafe were included in the trademark applications, with language outlining details for operating a virtual restaurant online featuring home delivery.

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