Top 10 Unexpected Applications of Quantum Computing in 2023

Top 10 Unexpected Applications of Quantum Computing in 2023


The advancement of technology has brought quantum computing to existence and has created a world of opportunities. It has become the latest and one of the most innovative trends in the field of technology. If you have heard this term quite often and are wondering what the applications of quantum computing are, you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will be talking about top 10 unexpected applications of quantum computing in 2023.


Quantum cryptography

One of the most unique applications of quantum computing is that of quantum cryptography which majorly focuses on the key distribution part of a cryptosystem. In this, two pairs of entangled qubits are used. One is sent to the receiver, while the sender keeps the other. A point to note is that qubits cannot be copied or measured as there are methods to determine whether the qubit has been tampered with before being received by the intended recipient.


Drug Design & Development

As a matter of fact, we all know how complex and challenging it is to design and develop a drug. Drugs are usually developed via the trial-and-error method. This is not only very expensive but also a risky and challenging task to complete. This is where quantum computing comes into play. Researchers are of the strong belief that quantum computing can be an effective way of understanding drugs and their reactions to humans thereby saving a lot of money and time for drug companies.


Financial Modelling

As far as the finance industry is concerned, it is crucial to find the right mix for fruitful investments on the basis of expected returns, the risk associated, etc. For this, the technique of ‘Monte Carlo’ simulations is continually being run on conventional computers. The problem with this is that it consumes an enormous amount of computer time. However, by applying quantum technology to perform these massive and complex calculations, companies can not only improve the quality of the solutions but also reduce the time to develop them.


Weather Forecasting

What can get worse than the process of analysing weather conditions by traditional computers taking longer than the weather itself does to change? Well, not anymore. Quantum computing can crunch vast amounts of data, in a short period. Quantum computing could indeed lead to enhancing weather system modelling allowing scientists to predict the changing weather patterns in no time and with excellent accuracy.



With advertising, companies can reach a wider range of people. Quantum computing can help companies do this without spending too much. It helps to match relevant advertisements to customers so that they’re more likely to click on them.


Traffic flow management

Who likes to spend hours in traffic? Well, not anymore. With quantum computing, one can tackle the issue of traffic, not through monitoring but rather by optimizing traffic flow itself. What exactly happens is – computers find the optimal route for a select number of cars and possible routes in consideration.


Better mobile network coverage

Yet another interesting application of quantum computing is in the area of network coverage. Quantum computers can help find the optimal satellite coverage position required. Now, this doesn’t mean that the satellites would be able to cover all the bad reception spots, but the likelihood of being able to find a spot with better reception can be increased significantly.



Cybersecurity is of utmost importance for the fact that the number of cyberattacks are increasing with every passing day. Quantum computing is no less than a blessing here. Quantum computing with the help of machine learning can help in developing various techniques to combat these cybersecurity threats.



Though the involvement of quantum computers in the gaming sector is still at its infancy, but the fact that quantum hardware can compute faster than the current best computers has a lot to do with how improved gaming experience would be. This is because quantum computer algorithms work very differently from classical ones.


Computational chemistry

As the number of quantum states is extremely vast, it is quite evident that it’d be difficult for conventional computing memory to process that. The ability for quantum computers to focus on the existence of both 1 and 0 simultaneously could provide immense power to the machine to successfully map the molecules. This in turn opens opportunities for pharmaceutical research.

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