Top 10 Stories About Programming Languages in 2022

Top 10 Stories About Programming Languages in 2022

In 2022, interest in programming languages was as diverse and varied as our top 10 stories about them. ITPro Today’s 10 most-read stories about programming languages tackle everything from Python to COBOL, and Go to Java. Whatever your languages of choice, the articles below will help provide a solid foundation.

Read these resources for reviews, predictions, and guides to today’s most important programming languages.

Regular ITPro Today contributor Christopher Tozzi evaluates the strengths and shortcomings of Python as the world’s “most popular” programming language. Read this article to learn the four reasons Tozzi predicts Python’s eventual fall from the top.

Interested in Python alternatives? Look no further than this quick comparison guide to 2022’s trendiest programming languages, including Go, OPA, Java, and Swift.

One of the oldest programming languages around, COBOL continues to have important applications in 2022. In this article, Sean Michael Kerner looks at how COBOL is being used today and the modernization efforts at work to take it into the twenty-first century.

Oracle released its Java 18 update to the public on March 22, 2022. In this article, learn about the new tools Java 18 offers programmers as well as technologies in development for future releases.

From the slow decline of Java to the surprising popularity of MATLAB, this breakdown of today’s most popular programming languages will help you stay up to date on and responsive to the most current trends.

JavaScript’s open-source Node.js 18 will provide programmers long-term support until April 2025. Explore how this new release will support the JavaScript framework and new incremental capabilities and security features to improve developer productivity.

For developers and software engineers, programming languages make it easier to write software that can run anywhere. For readers new to programming, this primer will explain how programming languages work, the main differences between core programming languages, and their benefits and drawbacks.

Following Java 18 (see #4 above) by six months, Java 19 is Oracle’s second incremental release of the open-source programming language this year. Read this article to learn more about the new features and capabilities that make Java 19 easier for developers to use.

Despite its continued popularity, Java is no longer the only “go-to” programming language it was in the past. In this in-depth article, learn the top pros and cons to learning the Java programming language in 2022.

PHP likely isn’t going anywhere soon. However, as Tozzi notes in this technical explainer, in order to maintain its success, it will need to appeal to developers’ modern, cloud-native sensibilities.

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