The Must-Have Online Video Maker for Boosting Revenues in 2023

The Must-Have Online Video Maker for Boosting Revenues in 2023

If you’re looking for the latest way to boost revenue for your company in 2021, then you need to turn to video marketing. Online videos has been the latest crave for internet users, and it’s definitely here to stay. In fact, it’s estimated that 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video traffic by the end of this year. That’s a lot of people watching videos.

To cash in on your chunk of the pie, you must invest your time in an Online Video Maker that works for your niche. As an example, Promo offers the must-have video maker for all businesses, regardless of whether they are big or small. This video-making platform is unrivaled and is available to try for free. The only thing you’ll have to invest is a little time to craft your first video to discover just how essential Promo will be to your future business growth.

Why Market With Videos?

The intuitive answer to this question is that videos are simple to digest. There is less effort involved in perceiving the message. People tend to connect better with video and audio cues than they do with written ones. Think about this for a minute. Would you rather read a 2,000-word article on how to replace your countertop? Or, would you rather watch a five-minute video where you can see someone install the countertop as they explain what they’re doing? We’re going to take a leap and assume you selected the latter.

Videos are predominate in so many ways when it comes to connecting with your target market. Far too often, businesses shy away from video marketing as they falsely assume that it’s too expensive and time-consuming. While this assumption was right in the past, it no longer holds. With a video maker like Promo, creating video advertisements is both quick and cheap.

Types Of Videos Your Business Can Make

When people think of videos, most immediately picture commercial advertisements. The truth is that this is only one of many different types of videos that a business can produce. Suppose you’re thinking of integrating video as a staple in your digital content marketing strategy. In that case, you’ll want to be knowledgeable about the many different types of videos that you can produce.


One of the most popular types of videos to produce is the explainer video. This is where you position yourself as an authority on the subject at hand. You can explain about your products or service, an industry topic, or pretty much anything that you feel your viewers would like to have described in detail.

Product Reviews

Also referred to as demo videos, product review videos allow your audience to discover the products you offer in a non-sales environment. Moreover, these videos are usually displayed to other industry ambassadors or everyday customers. They will simply reveal what they like about the product in a review fashion.


Interview videos are a great way to get your brand out there in a formal fashion. Consider interviewing top officials at your company about industry topics. Or record videos of your staff members being solicited by other companies or authorities about your products and services.

How This Video Maker Can Benefit Your Business

As you’ve learned, video is the new medium for connecting with your target market. While you may know that it’s super important to have, you may still be a little wary about making it happen. Once you spend a couple of minutes on the Promo platform, we’re sure you’ll change your opinion real fast.

User Friendly

This video-making platform allows even those who are not technologically savvy to create professional-looking videos in minutes. Most importantly, you can choose from various templates that are pre-designed with advertising in mind. Promo offers video templates for posting on places like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. In other words, with a quick look through their countless templates, you can easily select one that fits the message you’re trying to portray.

Add a Touch of Music

Next, customize the message to fit your business information. Most templates already have example text inputted, so it’s as simple as switching out the example text for what you want to say. Promo’s video templates come with music as well to keep things lively. For example, once your input the message, you can easily upload your newly formulated video advertisement to one of multiple online platforms with a button’s push.

Simple yet Attractive

With video making this simple, you can craft countless advertisements with just a little time investment on your part. Therefore, if you want to customize the video beyond replacing the example text, you can easily do it. Promo’s video editor allows you the ultimate level of customization so that you can craft any message that is on your mind.

Variety of Options

You can choose from over 23 million images, videos, and music clips to fully customize your video with this video editor. If you want to integrate your video recording into the editor, you can easily do so. Don’t quite like the music in the template? Change it with one of the other millions of music options. Even change up the text font and add in some killer icons to make your video unique.

Available for Everyone

Promo’s online video-making editor is available for all businesses. It has completely transformed the process of video marketing and has allowed so many busy business owners the capability to craft high-quality videos without investing a fortune. If you need a better video creation solution, give Promo Editor a try.

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