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Data Recovery : How To Know A Fake Flash Drive

If you are planning on purchasing a flash Data Recovery drive online, you may fall into the trap of getting a fake one. Most of these flash drives are sluggish and perform poorly. To add to that, they may be falsely advertised where they are of smaller storage capacity than indicated. To avoid being vulnerable when buying a flash drive, you will need some of the following tips to help you identify between a real and fake one. 

1. Test Using The Flash Drive Using A Computer :

Prior to plugging in a Data Recovery flash drive to your computer, run the antivirus software. Format the flash drive immediately once plugged in. 

Check to see if the storage capacity displayed on the computer matches what is advertised on the package. It is important that not that flash drive should indicate at least 4% less of the stated storage capacity. If it is way higher than that percentage, it is definitely fake. 

Additionally, you can use free software such as H2testw or Chip Genius to identify any other errors. This will help you the performance of the Feed flash drive. If a warning message pops up when running the errors, it is a fake. 

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2. The Outward Appearance And Packaging :

Most of the fake flash Data Recovery drives denote gigabytes using a single ‘G’ instead of the conventional ‘GB’ on the packaging or flash drive itself. 

You will notice a color variation between a fake Facebook flash drive of the same model from on that is provides on the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, if the model of the drive does not exist on the website, this should count as a red flag. Chances are, it is fake. 

The absence of a serial number on a flash drive is a clear indication that it is fake. 

Genuine flash drives are packaged in solid containers and sealed with tough plastic. If the packaging on your flash drive includes cardboard, it is clearly fake. 

To avoid buying counterfeit flash drives, it is advisable that you buy from genuine computer stores or directly from the manufacturer.

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