Is the Google Pixel 6 worth buying in 2023?

Is the Google Pixel 6 worth buying in 2023?

The Google Pixel 6 is no longer the brand’s flagship in 2023 and will fall behind by another generation before the year ends. The 8th generation offering is expected to be released in the second half, raising certain question marks about the 6th generation’s continued viability.

Given the flagship nature of the devices, Google has always opted for premium specifications. In other words, these are different from budget options, and the hardware doesn’t age like those on cheaper models. This ensures that buyers can go for the latest high-end version available. Moreover, the Google Pixel 6 has been a blockbuster release in the brand’s catalog for mobile phones.

However, every year brings a fresh set of challenges as technology evolves. What could be considered an industry leader at the moment might be different than the concept of something new. As Google continues to sell its 6th generation, a question arises in a prospective buyer’s mind – is it worth getting it in 2023?

Google Pixel 6 might be dated, but still packs a big punch in the current market


The Google Pixel 6 came with flagship specifications when it was released in 2021. While the technology may have gone down a notch by today’s standards, it can still perform quite effectively.

Brand Google
Price $599
Display 6.4″ AMOLED screen, 90 Hz refresh rate
Hardware Google Tensor, 8 GB RAM
Battery 4,600 mAh, fast charging
Camera 50 MP (OIS, Laser autofocus) 12 MP (Ultra-wide)3840×2160 (4K UHD) (60 fps), 1920×1080 (Full HD) (60 fps)

Incidentally, the 6.4″ screen is one inch larger than the 7th generation, which is quite curious in the greater context. However, the successor comes with a full OLED panel, while the former comes with AMOLED. While the difference might not be important to some, it does create different standards in the displays.

The AMOLED display offers a 90 Hz refresh rate, which is one limitation the users will get. Usually, one would expect a 120 Hz display, but that’s a drawback with the 7th generation. The AMOLED panel also comes with full HD support and has an 83.55% screen-to-body ratio.


The processor is one area where there’s a big difference from the Google Pixel 6. The Tensor chip is not weakling, but it could be better than the Tensor G2, which the Pixel 7 uses. While the upgrades might not be revolutionary, there is a sacrifice in peak performance.

Google has always marketed its device as great for photography, and that hasn’t changed with the 6th generation. The dual-lens setup performs multiple tasks and records videos in Ultra HD at 60 FPS. There’s ultrawide support, which makes the lenses quite versatile, and their performance is not in doubt.


The base version comes with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. All of these are powered by a 4,600 mAh battery, which supports wired and wireless fast charging. Additionally, Google has provided different utility tools and software to their flagship that could be useful to standard users.

Is it a worthy device for 2023?

The selection of any device depends on the needs of a buyer, and the Google Pixel 6 can adequately cover any requirements. Compared to the Pixel 7, the fall-off in stats is quite minor.

The processor of the 7th generation is a definite upgrade, but the gap between the Tensor and G2 versions could be more manageable.


For the most part, there’s no difference in display and camera, which makes the two generations quite close. The successor has certain upgrades and new features, but only a few will utilize those.

The Google Pixel 6 will likely get big discounts in 2023, as it did last year. Once the Google Pixel 8 gets released, the brand will likely put in some aggressive offers to help sell the 6th generation. The Pixel 7, on the other hand, is yet to get a major deal, and costs $599 as well.

The model also comes with 5G, so users are well covered. Overall, the Google Pixel 6 remains very viable for users, to say the least, and 2023 will still have plenty of scope for its use.

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