ByondXR Showcases the First Real-Life Full Metaverse Shopping Experience

ByondXR Showcases the First Real-Life Full Metaverse Shopping Experience

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2022 / ByondXR, the leading immersive e-commerce platform helping brands and retailers create virtual shopping experiences, partnered with Deutsche Telekom to create the first real-life full metaverse shopping experience. Represented with six facets of metaverse shopping, the ByondXR experience gradually introduces how the same physical store will look and feel in AR, 3D Web, Web3, Full 3D, and VR. All presented by a new version of ByondXR Commerce Platform that enables brands & retailers to take their first steps in new metaverse environments and get tangible results. Visitors will be able to create their own avatars and receive NFTs, and will be presented with a digital briefcase filled with personalized goodies collected from each station.

ByondXR Showcases the First Real-Life Full Metaverse Shopping Experience

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The six stations showcase metaverse shopping through a sample beach store created by ByondXR. The first experience represents AR shopping, where visitors will be able to view products from the store in augmented reality while completing an interactive activation. At the next station visitors will view a 360 fully 3D-rendered virtual store and be able to interact with it. After that, they will quite literally dive into a Roblox version of the store experiencing the fun of gamification in shopping. Following the refreshing experience visitors will create personalized avatars that they can later keep. With the new personas, visitors then experience the full 3D store where they can interact with other visitors. The final station is a Virtual Reality version of the store where visitors play an engaging shopping cart game. After completing all the stations, visitors may get their own unique NFTs to fill their digital briefcase, which represents two megatrends of the event – individualization and sustainability.

The ByondXR full metaverse shopping experience is placed in the interactive quarter of the Digital X event. Two million square meters of event space, 15 stages, 2,500 square meters of marketplace, 50,000 expected participants: On September 13 and 14, 2022, Digital X will turn Cologne into a world full of digitization exhibits, innovations, and technology experiences. Together with more than 300 partners, over 200 brandhouses and around 60 start-ups, Europe’s leading digitization initiative will be presenting trends and technical innovations relating to digitization – from 5G, IoT and autonomous driving to metaverse and robotics. It’s the world’s exhibition of digitization with speakers including Jessica Alba, Steve Wozniak and Michelle Hunziker. ByondXR CEO and Co-Founder, Noam Levavi, will speak about The Maturation of Virtualized Spaces on the 14th of September at the disruption stage. Check ByondXR social networks for live stream links.

“We are very excited to be able to recreate our vision of the metaverse and showcase for the first time the full breadth of our metaverse package in this event. Being thproviding,e pioneers of metaverse shopping, we are eager to educate the world on the topic and demonstrate what can truly be achieved with the right technology!” – says Eran Galil, the CTO and Co-Founder of ByondXR – “Everything you see was created, designed and adapted on our proprietary immersive platform and we are beyond ready to show it to the world. We are on our way to provide the most disruptive and revolutionary product on the market. Soon to be shared globally”.

About ByondXR

Founded in 2016, ByondXR, a true Metaverse pioneer, is transforming retail and disrupting eCommerce through its immersive Commerce platform. By creating virtual environments mimicking real-life stores and showrooms, ByondXR has created an engaging experience for consumers to browse products online and decorate their homes more efficiently. Its customizable 3D platform takes consumers on an interactive journey recreated with photorealism. The platform supports the beta deployment of virtual stores onto some of the leading Metaverse platforms and virtual worlds – like Roblox, Decentraland, Zepto and many more. In addition, the platform enables users & partners to fully manage and configure their own virtual stores by adding plugins, features, visuals, and more.

Controlling plugins lets users add their own ecommerce, media, and fun elements inside. Users can now decide what, when, and how they want to showcase in their store making managing a virtual store comprehensive, easy, and quick. The new iteration provides powerful analytics that takes measuring results and store optimization to a whole new level. This innovative technology has been used by major international beauty, fashion and home decor brands, including but not limited to Target, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, YSL Beauty, NARS, VidaGlow, Mondelez, and Caesarstone. In this event, it’s the first time ByondXR are showcasing their new range of metaverse related clients.

ByondXR’s virtual solutions have given retailers not only a lifeline in the current environment, but a competitive edge in a forward-thinking future. For more information, visit

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