10 Easy-To-Use Video Editing Programs

10 Easy-To-Use Video Editing Programs

More and more people are realizing that content creation is a lucrative opportunity. These days, influencers and other online creators can gain partnerships and deals by making videos that cater to a specific niche or audience. But in order to maximize their online success, those who want to pursue their passion in content creation should have the right tools.

Aside from a good camera and a powerful computer, content creators also need an accessible video editing program to splice, cut, and edit their visual content. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy-to-use video editing programs that are best suited for beginners, from the macOS native software iMovie to the powerful Adobe Premiere Pro.



10 Easy-To-Use Video Editing Programs

PowerDirector is a very accessible video editor, as besides from being available for the PC and Mac, those who have mobile phones can download its app version which is just as powerful and useful. What makes PowerDirector easy to use is its straightforward interface with powerful functions such as motion tracking and AI speech enhancement.

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The video editing software is also known for its incredibly fast rendering times, which could bring a ton of convenience for content creators who want to put out a lot of consistent content. In addition, PowerDirector can also help creators innovate their content as it supports 360-degree virtual reality footage.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate interface

Allowing users to create 460-degree VR videos and 4k content, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is perhaps one of the most powerful tools a new content creator can use. Video Studio Ultimate also allows for motion tracking which can help users add various engaging graphics and images to their videos.

The motion tracking systems in VideoStudio Ultimate rivals those of top-of-the-line software that many professionals use. Although it’s not as fast as other video editing programs when it comes to rendering times, its affordability makes up for this shortcoming.

VideoProc Vlogger

VideoProc Vlogger interface

Starting content creators will gravitate to a video editor like VideoProc Vlogger as the program can be downloaded for free. VideoProc Vlogger has low system requirements to boot, allowing it to be run from devices with less advanced hardware.

Unlike other free-to-download programs, VideoProc Vlogger doesn’t force users to render their videos with a watermark. For those who aspire to become a high-paying YouTuber like Mr. Beast, VideoProc Vlogger is the perfect video editing program to start with.


iMovie interface

Aside from having powerful hardware, many content creators prefer using a Mac over a PC as they already come with an excellent video editing program: iMovie. One key feature that iMovie does well is its chroma-key tool, which allows users to easily change the background of their videos.

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It’s also a no-brainer to use iMovie for those who primarily use their iPhones to shoot their content as Airdrop and other Apple features allow for a seamless ecosystem. The program also has a very low learning curve and is also available to download for iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone, which makes it a very portable program.


Animaker interface

Content creators who are striving to establish a daily vlog channel or be a beloved comedy channel on YouTube might not have the best equipment when they start their careers. That’s why online video editors like Animaker are incredibly handy, as these can be accessed from any computer.

Animaker is an online video editor that allows for simple actions such as splicing and cutting footage but specializes in making easy animated videos. It works with popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Safari, and its drag-and-drop interface makes simple video editing a beginner-friendly experience.

Nero Video

Nero Video interface

Those who create commentary and deep-dive videos on YouTube, don’t need a program that comes with a lot of bells and whistles. A simple video editing program such as Nero Video, with its straightforward features, will suffice.

Unlike other video-editing software, Nero Video has a very simple interface that’s made up of a preview screen, control panel, and timeline. This makes it easy for creators to produce videos that don’t require 360 footage or chroma key compositing. The fact that Nero Video is compatible with older hardware and operating systems makes it the perfect software for those who are just starting their content creation journey.

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor interface

Video creators don’t need advanced software in order to create compelling videos. A program that’s focused on simple clip and movie creation such as Movavi Video Editor is enough to help budding YouTubers and influencers launch their online careers.

Apart from its simple but feature-packed interface, Movavi Video Editor also has audio fixing tools, AI-enhanced motion tracking, impressive color tools, and even stabilization. However, the program is hampered by its slow rendering times and lack of clip pre-trimming, so users need to be a little more patient when producing their content.

Magix Movie Studio

Magix Movie Studio interface

Beginners should find a video editing program that they find comfortable to use. That’s why they should consider Magix Movie Studio, since it doesn’t have a daunting timeline interface compared to other professional video editors such as Vegas Pro or Avid Media Composer.

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Despite the simplicity of the program, Magix Movie Studio can help creators produce professional-looking content, due in part to its accessible video templates and intuitive tools. However, it does have a slightly-confusing business model, but newbies can surely make do with all the features included in the basic tier.


WeVideo interface

Users who want to start a YouTube channel that’s perfect for comfort watching should also find a video editing program that they’re most comfortable with. WeVideo, which is a program that has almost 30 million users, is a very easy-to-use video editor that can be used by many different kinds of people, from aspiring YouTubers to diligent educators.

What sets WeVideo apart from other video editors is its cloud-based collaborative video creation feature. This means that users can store their work on the cloud, which can be extremely useful for collaborations between different users, or creators who are always on the go.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements Interface

Adobe is perhaps one of the most-known software developers for creative programs. Adobe Premiere Elements, which is the consumer-friendly version of the popular Adobe Premiere Pro, suits beginners best. And unlike the Pro version, Premiere elements is available as a one-time purchase software.

One reason why Elements is great for new content creators is its Guided Edits feature, which can help them make quick and assisted edits. The program also has different interfaces users can switch between, so they can try out the waters until they find one that they’re happiest with. Without a doubt, Premiere Elements is Adobe’s successful attempt to bring seamless video editing to a wider user base.

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